Throughout every level of your sales-based organization, CMS focuses on streamlining marketing and branding processes, maximizing efficiencies, ensuring brand consistency, and identifying successful strategies to help increase sales.

CMS is the rare e-commerce solution that aligns the interests of Sales, Marketing and Brand Management, and Finance and Procurement divisions with traditionally disparate goals and objectives.

For Sales
Faster, more current, and more personalized communication with clients and prospects, leading to increased sales

  • Easy access to creative product at varying price points to meet your specific needs

  • Ability to customize promotional products for each client, prospect or campaign

  • Quick turnaround

For Marketing and Brand Management
More consistent messaging and brand management throughout our client’s enterprise, leading to better brand equity in the market place

  • All product produced by suppliers who intimately understand the brand guidelines of each client

  • Product or program-related content grouped together for a more holistic view

For Finance and Procurement
Lower costs, more robust reporting, easier budget allocation and ROI tracking throughout sales and marketing teams

  • Aggregation of spend to core of key suppliers, resulting in lower costs and better brand consistency

  • Fully customizable reporting package, tailored to individual needs

  • Integration of budget and cost center allocation

  • Assurance of the best possible product pricing due to leveraging of entire enterprise

Let CMS help your team enhance brand management. Contact us today!